5 Keys to Create Great Social Media Videos

5 Keys to Create Great Social Media Videos

5 keys to create great social media videos content revival

You can’t deny the amazing popularity of social media videos. User generated videos on YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, and other social media sites have become the top viewed content on the Web. Some platforms, most famously YouTube, even have revenue sharing programs for video content.

Social media videos can do a lot of great things. Sure, video content might make you some money down the road. But making videos also gives you exposure and showcases your skills, talents, and knowledge. Who knows who may come across your video and what lucrative opportunities may come from making them.

Of course, to make the most of your social media videos, there are some things you’ll need to do in order to make them great. Maximizing the impact of your videos through strong presentation and creativity is important in making your content stand out. Here are five keys to making great social media videos.

Key #1: Creating and Building Your Brand Through Your Video Content

Just as companies big and small spend lots of time, energy, and money building a brand, you should be, too. Videos are a great way to build a brand, or even create one if you haven’t already. Brand recognition is one of the most important parts of marketing and your brand is how you differentiate yourself from others who may do the same or similar things as you. In building your brand, you also have to connect with others as a person, too. You have to be the face of your brand, whether it’s your personal brand or one that you create for your business.

Be sure to create an introductory video that you feature somewhere. It could be on your YouTube channel or pinned to the top of your various social media profiles. Better yet, feature it on your blog or website. In this video, you’ll want to introduce yourself and what you have to offer your viewers. You may want a short introduction and conclusion for each video, too.

Key #2: Provide the Best Possible Viewing Experience for Your Video Content

In making the best possible viewing experience for your social media videos, video length and audio/video quality. Don’t worry about making full-length movies with your video content. Most viewers on video sharing sites or social media aren’t going to watch videos more than ten minutes long. The video length can vary by topic, of course, but ten minutes is a good limit for most social media videos.

You don’t even really need high quality professional equipment to make great social media videos. Really, all you need is a smartphone with a good quality camera. Good digital video cameras are also not that expensive. You also don’t need expensive editing software for your videos to have a good presentation. There are plenty of free tools, and YouTube itself has many editing features.

Key #3: Create Content That Gives Value and Benefits to Your Audience

Social media videos don’t have to be just funny video clips. While clever humor and unexpected moments can make for great video content, you need to create videos that both fit your brand and give value to your audience. While videos of kids, pets, or both can be immensely popular, if you can’t tie it back to your brand or what you do, it’s probably not the right kind of content. That doesn’t mean that you can’t do an off-topic and unexpected video once in a while, but you don’t necessarily want to focus on them.

The best way to create great social media videos is to find a theme around which you can provide the best content. For example, if you’re really handy around the house, you may want to create how-to videos on easy DIY projects. If you’re a comedian, or at least think you’re one, you can try your hand at some short stand up routines or comedy sketches. Basically, if it’s something you do well, and it fits the brand you’re trying to create, go ahead and make the best videos you can around it. You can try and do different things as long as they fit the scope of your brand. Sometimes you have to build multiple brands if you’re good at multiple brands, and that’s okay.

Key #4: Make Sure People Can Find Your Video

While you don’t have to be an expert in Search Engine Optimization (SEO) with social media videos, you do need to market your video. The first thing to do is to come up with a short and catchy title that contains the most important keywords related to your video. One tip to keep your title short is to limit or avoid adjectives and use action verbs. 

The video description is another way to help get your video found. You still want it to be relatively short and catchy while using relevant keywords. Be careful to not stuff keywords and use natural language in writing your title and description.

Another way to help get your social media video discovered is the use of tags. These are keywords that you may not use in your title, or even your description, but are still related to your video. If you’re stuck on tag ideas, search for videos similar to yours and see what they use. While you don’t want to use dozens of tags, you can use them more liberally than in your title and description. Some of these tags can also be used as hashtags when promoting your video on social media, something you should definitely do.

Key #5: Stay Calm and Have Fun With Making Videos

Staying calm and having fun is perhaps the most important key to making great social media videos. It can be too easy to find yourself reaching burnout trying to create the next viral video. Don’t focus on making videos go viral. Focus instead on your passion. Enjoy creating the content. 

Don’t think about how much money your videos will make. You really don’t have any control over that. Videos can earn a decent passive income, and some topics bring more ad revenue than others. But even with viral videos, the videos themselves aren’t what is going to make you rich.

What you actually earn from videos is actually more valuable than money. If you show passion for what you do and you like what you do, people will enjoy your videos. Building a trust and bond with your viewing audience is better than grinding out a few dollars through revenue sharing. Although ad revenue can be significant, opportunities such as sponsorships or even job offers are real things that video can bring you.

The main lesson to take away is this: if you love what you do, show it in your videos, and give value to your audience, you’ll be rewarded for your effort. It may take a long time to realize the monetary benefits of making social media videos. But building your brand and being creative have their own rewards.

~ Phoenix <3

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