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I still dream from time to time by Thomas WP Slatin

The Magical Wordplay of One Thomas W.P. Slatin

As someone who has been blogging on and off since 2003, and more seriously since 2008, I have read quite a few beautiful posts over the years. But, in July 2020, I came across perhaps one of the most stunning pieces I’ve ever come across in my decades on the internet. A good man by…
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creative woman typing on laptop

How to Become a Better Article Writer

So you want to become a better article writer? Here is my simple three-step process to do just that! Read a lot Write a lot Read and write a lot OK, there you have it. Now go forth into the world and write your heart out! Right, there’s a bit more to it than that.…
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why brainstorm content revival

Why Brainstorm? Generating Ideas is Vital to Becoming a Thought Leader

Individual brainstorming and other idea generating tactics are vital to becoming a successful Thought Leader in any field or area of expertise. Getting your ideas out into the world is vital in becoming a successful thought leader. Why is that? First of all, to become a thought leader, you have to share your thoughts.  You…
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What is Content Revival?

Content Revival began with one simple question: how can people revive old content to reach a new, wider audience? You may have heard of doing a social media refresh or creating a content refresh strategy. We decided to blend those activities into a unified process. Many businesses have vast archives of content already, whether it…
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