What is Content Revival?

What is Content Revival?

Content Revival began with one simple question: how can people revive old content to reach a new, wider audience? You may have heard of doing a social media refresh or creating a content refresh strategy. We decided to blend those activities into a unified process.

Many businesses have vast archives of content already, whether it be articles, videos, or social media posts. The trick is building an evolving content strategy around that existing content to keep it fresh and relevant while also having inspiring calls to action. A good content refresh strategy needs to then be tweaked at least every six to twelve months. That’s one way of keeping your content on track, without anything slipping through inevitable “content decay.” (We’ll get to that in a future article.)

One of the keys to reviving content and making it more valuable is to both be aware of and show that you care about your target audience. You need to understand and sympathize with their pain points, values, and beliefs. It all boils down to one thing. People don’t care about what you can do for them, or even what you have done for them. They care most about how you make them feel.

Everyone Has a Story to Tell With Their Content

Our content strategy focus is this: Deep down, we all want to be told a good story. So, where do you begin to tell these stories? It turns out you likely have all you need to get started already. Your existing content is likely full of good stories just waiting to be told.

Small businesses and content creators everywhere have archives are full of content gold just waiting to be discovered. It’s good stuff that people would either need or want to know. There may also be content that may simply need some small tweaks to reach its full potential. 

To get found by today’s online searchers and social media surfers, simply creating content alone isn’t enough. You have to tell your story, and set yourself apart from the millions of voices online today. So, how do you revive your content to allow it to become your story-telling powerhouse?

A Strong Content Refresh Strategy Breathes New Life Into Your Content!

That’s where content refresh strategy comes in to help. Content Revival offers a unique process that blends article and video content refresh strategies with social media refresh strategy. First, we evaluate each piece of content you have, whether it’s an existing article, video, podcast, meme, or other piece of content, in three stages:

  • Is it relevant? If there is someone searching for ideas or information that the content provides, it’s worth reviving.
  • Is it useful? Does your content offer something of use to the average searcher for this topic?
  • Is it a call to action? Does your content lead your visitor to take an action – especially one that’s beneficial for you, as well?

If the content is relevant, we then evaluate its usefulness and if it has strong calls to action. If it has both, that’s great. It can be optimized for popular search terms and the best user experience. If it’s missing one or both of these two, we help with that.

But, that’s only the beginning of the content revival process. The true revival comes into play with the fourth step: telling your story through the content itself.

How Do We Revive Content Through Storytelling?

You may not think you have a story to tell with every piece of content. But, the fact is, human experience is best shared through storytelling. That’s how Content Revival helps you revive content: by helping you to see the story behind it and the stories you can tell with it.

While this can mean hours of rewriting and restructuring content, it’s worth the end result. You’ll discover that even topics you may consider “boring” have stories to tell about them. Stories build connections in ways that your typical articles don’t offer. 

Sure, you can still have how-to guides and list posts, but these only go so far. People will remember a good story far more easily, which offers superior value than most content out there online today. You want to be top of mind when it comes to being the authority on your most relevant topics, and storytelling has turned out to be the best way of doing just that.

Then, of course, the greatest stories you can tell need to find their audience. That’s the final stage of our content revival process: getting your stories seen and heard!

How Do We Get Your Content Seen and Heard?

To help your story be seen and heard, Content Revival optimizes original content for BOTH SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and social media search and related hashtags. Then, we create “pull quotes” to help your content find new traction.

We will find anywhere from 5 to 10 pull quotes that highlight an idea or piece of useful information in your article, podcast, or video. Then, we will build that into a social media post, along with an appropriate photo with overlaid text. You can then share these on a regular basis to your social media channels with a link back to the original piece.

The idea is to essentially create a trail of “bread crumbs” that will entice new visitors to your piece. Also, having multiple unique shares to the same piece of content will help former visitors to return more often.

The next step is to turn these pull quote images into a blueprint for creating a slideshow. These slideshows can be shared via platforms such as SlideShare. Or, you could choose to turn them into a narrated video (we can help with that!)

The last step, if you so choose, is to create scripts for short podcast episodes or short YouTube or Social Media native videos. This will further expand the reach of your existing piece.

How Can You Revive My Content Today?

What content are you looking to revive today? The Content Revival team is ready to tackle any content topic you can throw at us. We’re ready to help you begin your content refresh adventure. Let us know in the comments and we will take a FREE QUICK LOOK for you!

Contact us below if you’d like to take advantage of our FREE 30-MINUTE ONLINE CONSULTATION!* Scheduled telephone calls within the US are also available. No obligation.

*Online consultations available by Skype or Google Hangouts.

** If you choose to have a longer consultation, you will be charged a minimum of $50/hour, prorated, after the first half-hour.


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