Where Do You Find No Copyright Music for Content Creators?

Where Do You Find No Copyright Music for Content Creators?

where do you find no copyright music content revival

Content creators are always looking for a way to snazz up their video content or spice up their podcast. Fortunately, it’s a fairly inexpensive thing to do to find no copyright music for content creators. Here are some free and paid options to find tracks and sound effects to enhance your content creation.

Free No Copyright Music Options

Audio Library

Completely free is always good, and Audio Library has plenty of royalty-free music for content creators to use. They have a wide array of musical styles to choose from.

EDM Royalty Free

This website offers curated creative commons music for absolutely free as long as it’s purely for personal use. You can then pay for licensing if you’re using it for commercial purposes. There’s also the option to support their Patreon for unlimited music for just $3/month (until they reach 100 patrons which as of 7/15/20 they have not). 

EvokeMusic AI

Something really neat that’s currently in beta is an AI-generated royalty free music site. Obviously, there is no copyright on this music, since it’s computer generated. All you have to do is provide the AI keywords and it will mix something up for you. Really, really neat.

No Copyright Nation

If you’re looking for free to use music for personal YouTube videos, No Copyright Nation is actually an independent EDM record label that allows you to use their artists’ music as long as you properly attribute it. It can be used in monetized videos, too, with certain restrictions that they list at their “use our music” page.


While it’s only for its public beta period, Thematic is currently FREE. They offer pre-cleared, curated royalty-free music for content creators. If you try it out, let us know what you think!

Paid No Copyright Music Options

Epidemic Sounds

While it’s not free, a personal subscription costs only $15/month and a pro subscription costs $50/mo. Epidemic Sounds is used by over 100,000 content creators. It offers over 32,000 tracks and over 64,000 sound effects. If you’re just using the music or effects for your personal YouTube channel, it’s well worth the investment.


You can get three free songs when you sign up for SoundStripe. Plans with unlimited music use range from $11.25/month for personal use to $66/month for businesses.

Let us know your favorite no copyright music options for content creators! We will add them to this list if they’re legit!


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